Topic Modeling Reputation

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Unveiling Research Trends for Organizational Reputation in the Nonprofit Sector

Public scrutiny and the need for funds in a more competitive environment are pressuring nonprofits to be more consciously aware of their reputation. This study used automated analysis with text mining and topic modeling of 177 articles directly linked to nonprofits’ reputation and published up to 2016. After identifying the most salient topics and conducting an in-depth, critical review of the most significant articles within each topic, four theoretical and managerial implications were identified. First, managers need to develop skills to deal with risk, the Internet, and social networks. Second, risk management is an emergent, still tentative, but important topic waiting for more contributions. Third, researchers can apply lexicons developed and validated by experts to uncover knowledge relevant to the entire nonprofit sector’s organizations. Last, the trends and topics highlighted can help scholars and practitioners make better decisions in research or responses to management challenges.

Free Foundations and Grants Database

A new foundations dataset has been released by It provides:

Name Parsing at Scale

A name parser has been developed to assist with processing large administrative datasets that often have human names reported in a single unstructured text field.