The Data Science Toolkit

Examples of useful data science tools that can help clean, process, or extend your data.

Build Nonprofit Datasets


From Jacob Fenton:


Refine Nonprofit Data

Analyze Nonprofit Data

  • fiscal R package for creating a standard set of nonprofit fiscal health metrics
  • compensator R package for automated compensation appraisal of NP executives
  • npcompete tool to create standardized metrics of market competitiveness

Gender Pay Equity

Automate the process of coding the gender of people in your dataset.

Automated Mission Codes

Predict nonprofit activity codes from their name, mission, and program description text using machine learning algorithms.

Spatial Analysis

Geo-code addresses in your dataset.

Interlocking Board Networks

Use approximate matching to link individuals in your data.

For more examples see this helpful network tutorial.

Open Science

This project was inspired by the R Open Science initiative, which believes in making data accessible and building tools that help a research community better utilize the data. These scripts are written in the R language because it is a freely-available open-source platform that can be used by anyone.