New Database on Government and Nonprofit Grants

Thompson Grants, a division of CBIS, is pleased to announce that it has completed a significant expansion to its grant-finding database, GrantScape, by incorporating awards data from IRS Form 990 financial data sets and, the repository for all awards data for the federal government, under a unified taxonomy and structure. This process has added over 34 million award records and over 2 million unique recipients, representing $250 billion in private awards funding and $110 trillion in federal awards funding.

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Their unique selling point is coverage:

“While most grant-finding services typically address only a segment of available funding, Thompson Grants’ experience working with large sets of government data combined with our large team of researchers who collect opportunities from thousands of different sources and data feeds, power GrantScape to be the most comprehensive database available.”

From the GrantScape FAQ page

We cannot vouch for quality, but the scope of their coverage is interesting! They are a for-profit entity that charges for data, though, so costs may be prohibitive for academics.

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