US Foundation Grants Database 2010-2015 Thanks to AI

You can now download a dataset containing over 1.4 million grants. The data was created by IBM Watson’s Causebot by extracting fields from the IRS e-files (very little documentation provided).

Grants available:

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
159,435 213,457 246,691 275,551 307,383 213,564

Data Dictionary:

  • granteeein - EIN of the grant recipient. Also known as grantee
  • grantee - Name of the grantee
  • grantdesc - Brief description of the grant in the tax filing
  • cashgrantamt - Cash amount of the grant
  • grantor - Name of the grantor
  • grantorein - EIN of the grantor
  • taxperiod - The tax period in which this grant belongs in
  • granteecity - City location of the grantee
  • granteestate - State location of the grantee
  • granteezipcode - Zip code of the grantee
  • grantorcity - City location of the grantor
  • grantorstate - State location of the grantor
  • grantorzipcode - Zip code of the grantor

[ All Efile Foundation Grants 2010-2015 ]

One major limitation of the dataset is that it captures grant data reported in standard fields on the e-file forms. It doesn’t seem to capture grant data that is reported as a separate attachment (usually in Schedule O), which is common practice for large foundations.

More documentation about the program and dataset would be welcome!

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